The purpose of this web site is to acquaint you with the Bible teaching ministry of Karl Kemp and to make available some of his teaching materials. Extensive excerpts from his two books, Holiness and Victory Over Sin: Full Salvation Through the Atoning Death of the Lord Jesus Christ and The Mid-Week Rapture: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Key Prophetic Passages are included on the site, and the books can be purchased. CD sets of twenty eight, thirty minute radio broadcasts on the topic of holiness and victory over sin are available, and twenty two, thirty minute broadcasts on the topic of the end times from the point of view of the mid-week rapture will be available in the near future. Sample broadcasts are available on this site to check out the broadcasts before purchasing the sets. And last, but not least, many of his papers and articles are included on this site for you to read or download. Most of these papers involve verse-by-verse studies of passages of the Bible.

  About Mr.Kemp: Karl Kemp received BS and MS degrees in engineering from St. Louis University, and he worked on various space projects throughout the 60s. He became a born-again Christian in 1964, and he left engineering behind toward the end of 1969 so he could go to seminary, etc. He received an MA degree in Biblical studies from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1972. He has been a Bible teacher in the greater St. Louis area for about forty years. He has also taught quite a few classes in New Testament Greek. Most of his teaching has been verse-by-verse teaching of books, chapters, or passages of the Bible. The topic that he has studied and taught the most has always been holiness and victory over sin, but he has done a lot of teaching on topics like the end times, and on many key words like faith, grace, redemption, righteousness, and holiness.